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R is for Ricochet

Author: Sue Grafton
Genre: Mystery
Reviewed by Kevin Tipple

RicochetThe job seems simple enough in the beginning. Kinsey Malone is to go to the California Institute for Women and pick up Reba Lafferty. Convicted of embezzlement, the daughter of wealthy Nord Lafferty is to be released early from prison on parole. Kinsey is to bring her back home, make sure she is settled in her father's house as she resumes her life, and complying with her parole instructions. Nord Lafferty has the money and is willing to pay for a job that will take just a few days.

And in the beginning, everything seems straightforward enough. Reba and Kinsey make a connection and Reba seems to be trying to adjust to being back out in the real world. Then, the man she went to prison for comes back in her life and the lies and deceit begin anew. Debts must be paid, and this time, Reba has a plan and drags Kinsey willingly into the middle of it.

This latest read from Sue Grafton becomes a complex novel on many different levels. Kinsey has a dark side to her, which is quickly exploited by Reba in a way never done before. In so doing, she and the reader are pulled into a murky world of relationships and money laundering where being a good person can get you killed in more ways than one.

This is a much better novel that several of the recent ones have been. While Kinsey still seems to make bad decisions from time to time, as any of us do, there isn't the emotional waffling that we have seen in the past. And while set in the same time frame as all the other novels, mid eighties, there is a sense in this one that she has learned a few things about herself along the way. The result is an enjoyable read.


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